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What are the latest Israeli innovations in education?

为了深入了解以色列教育科技,中国以色列商会联合以色列驻上海总领事馆,在上海普陀区政府、战略合作伙伴ViaMeshi、Stratasys和Ex Libris两家以色列公司支持下,共同举办了"中以高等教育与科技创新"峰会。会议上,聚集了上海及周边城市顶尖高校领导和教学管理代表以及一线教育行业企业家就高等教育中的科技创新进行了深度交流与探讨。

In order to answer this question, the Israeli Chamber of commerce in China (IsCham) & The Israeli consulate in Shanghai with the support of Putuo government & Via Meshi association in Israel, Stratasys & Ex Libris gathered the high education community in Shanghai and its area to learn about technology in reference to education.



Israel is considered an established high-tech hub; a leader for number of start-ups per capita, and home to one of the world's most technologically literate populations. The education system in Israel has long been praised for various reasons, including its high standards and major role in spurring Israel's economic development and technology.


2020's events unsettled the education systems, while offering unique opportunities for the development of new technologies suitable for the Digital Era. The “China-Israel Education Technology Summit”focused on understanding the main challenges in order to suggest solutions that can significantly support and optimize the development of education’s "new reality".


Stratasys是航空航天、汽车、医疗、消费品和教育等行业的应用型增材技术解决方案的全球领导者。Stratasys解决方案和专业知识营造的3D打印生态系统由先进材料,具有立体像素级别控制的软件,精确、可重复、可靠的 FDM和PolyJet3D打印机,基于应用的专家服务,按需生产的零件和行业定义的合作伙伴关系构成,确保可以无缝集成到每个客户不断演变的工作流程中。

Stratasys is a global leader in additive technology solutions for industries including Aerospace, Automotive, Healthcare, Consumer Products and Education. The Stratasys 3D printing ecosystem of solutions and expertise — advanced materials; software with voxel level control; precise, repeatable and reliable FDM and PolyJet 3D printers; application-based expert services; on-demand parts and industry-defining partnerships — works to ensure seamless integration into each customer’s evolving workflow.

以色列艾利贝斯有限公司(Ex Libris)北京首席代表沈辅成演讲

艾利贝斯(Ex Libris)是一家ProQuest公司,是全球领先的基于云端服务的SaaS解决方案提供商。无论是机构用户及或个人用户,都可以通过其提供的解决方案来创建、管理和共享知识。艾利贝斯开发创新解决方案,提高图书馆生产力,最大限度地发挥科研活动的影响力,加强教育和学习,并提升学生参与度。

Ex Libris, a ProQuest company, is a leading global provider of cloud-based SaaS solutions that enable institutions and their individual users to create, manage, and share knowledge. Ex Libris develops innovative solutions that increase library productivity, maximise the impact of research activities, enhance teaching and learning, and drive student mobile engagement.



The event was held on January 18th at the China-Israel (Shanghai) Innovation hub and broadcasted live to online audiences. The audience had a chance to hear inspiring lectures from world-class professors in Israel, and discover the most advanced technologies in education by Israeli startups.

以色列理工学院Gershon Elber教授课程讲座 主题:下一代几何建模

以色列本古里安大学Reuben Segev教授课程讲座 主题:教育与科技

以色列Eureka World公司线上项目路演

Eureka Worlds开发了具有物理界面的三维世界,允许用户为学生集成学习模式。这种学习环境允许在丰富的环境中建立人、情感和经验的联系,从而旨在创造扩大个人能力和实现学生潜力的解决方案。

Eureka World develops three-dimensional multiplayer worlds with physical interfaces that allow users to integrate learning patterns for students.

以色列Cybint Solutions公司线上项目路演


Cybint is a global cyber education company with a commitment to reskilling the workforce and upskilling the industry in cybersecurity

Also joined the roadshow– HOPIT, OrCam & Enabley.


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