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他叫悠福(Yuval Ben Sadeh),来中国工作生活已经21年,它不仅是中国以色列商会的会长,还是主营污水处理技术的AST公司中国区首席执行官。3月1日,中国疫情爆发不久,那时以色列还没有出现新冠病毒,但Yuval坚持回到中国。他的以色列朋友不太理解甚至还说他疯了,“你竟然要去那么危险的地方”,他说:“在中国生活多年经验让我了解并且相信中国政府和人民对疫情的管控能力和决心”。然而当他回到中国一个月后,中国的疫情基本控制住了。相反以色列开始爆发疫情,开始进行居家隔离,4月的逾越节是他与家人第一次通过线上视频的方式进行节日晚餐仪式。

His name is Yuval Ben Sadeh. He has been working and living in China for 21 years. He is not only the chairman of the Israeli Chamber of Commerce in China (IsCham) but also the China Regional Manager of AST, which specializes in sewage treatment technology. On March 1st, shortly after the outbreak in China, there were no coronavirus cases in Israel at that time, but Yuval insisted on returning to China. His Israeli friends did not quite understand and even said that he was crazy, "You are going to such a dangerous place." He said: "The years of living in China have made me understand and believe in the ability and determination of the Chinese government and people to control the pandemic". In fact, one month after he returned to China, the pandemic in China was basically under control. On the contrary, an outbreak of the epidemic began in Israel and home isolation has begun. Passover in April was the first time that he and his family had a festive dinner ceremony via online video.

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