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Celebration of the Financial Protocol’s 20th anniversary

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Thank you for attending the cooperation and development celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Sino-Israel government loan cooperation September 19th . Mr. Ofer Peleg, Minister for Finance & Economic Affairs & Head of the Financial Department of the Embassy of Israel in Beijing, organized and hosted the conference. The Chinese Vice Finance Minister (MOF China) Mr. Shi Yaobin, Accountant general (MOF Israel) Michal Abadi-Boiangiu and Israeli Ambassador to China Mr. Matan Vilnai gave welcoming remarks. Deputy Accountant (MOF Israel) Yali Rothenberg and Loan Division Director NDRC (P.R China) Mr. Li Junyuan were the key note speakers. After the Key note speeches 7 companies showed presentations about their companies and the affects of the financial protocol on the company. All the speakers of the event expressed the importance of the protocol and the cooperation and connection between Israel and China, and expressed their hope to meet again in the celebration of the 40th anniversary.

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