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Event Review | IsCham hold a successful roadshow for NILIT

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On December 19th, in a unique event held in Suzhou, IsCham's members were invited to Nilit Asia's factories. Participants from all sectors, including Israeli & Chinese government officials, came to learn and listen about various issues concerning how to "successfully do business in China".


Nilit is a great example of an Israeli company that is prospering in China despite the various challenges foreign companies may encounter.


The General Manager of Nilit, Mr. Shay Kastoriano, started the day with an overview of the company's business model, supply chain, marketing, sales, clients, competitors, and various aspects of the company’s activity in China. Mr. Kastoriano held an intriguing interactive discussion followed by inquiries & questions from all participants. Most questions were concerned the challenges a foreign company may have while operating in China such as managing Chinese employees, relationship with Chinese suppliers and clients and managing the supply chain accordingly & the importance of government relationship in order to maintain a steady activity.

屹立总经理Shay Kastoriano先生开始向企业代表团介绍了公司在中国开展业务的每个方面,包括其业务模式、供应链、市场营销、客户以及竞争对手分析等。随后Shay在问答环节跟在场所有参与者进行互动讨论。大多数问题都与外企在中国经营时会遇到的挑战有关,例如管理中国员工,与中国供应商和客户的关系处理以及与中国政府关系对在华业务稳定开展的重要性。

Afterwards, the participants were invited to a tour in the company’s plants to follow the production process. At the end of the day, all the participants stated that the insights of “Doing business in China” were of great value, and that the story of “Nilit" in China is a source of Israeli pride.


"About Nilit":NILIT is a manufacturer of polyamide (nylon) 6.6 yarns for apparel applications, privately owned with headquarters in Israel. NILIT has four vertically integrated manufacturing facilities worldwide. The company services their global customer base through their offices in Europe, USA, Latin America, Asia Pacific and China. NILIT’s products are sold in more than 70 countries.


If you are interested in “Doing business in China”, or would like to be included in a future roadshow, please contact:


Dr. Iris Kastoriano



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