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Event Review | Israeli Auto-Tech Delegation

活动回顾 | 以色列驾驶技术企业代表团访华行程圆满结束

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The Israel Chamber of Commerce in China (IsCham) led an Israeli Auto-Tech Delegation to a Road show of B2B meetings in China.

From October 24th to 26th, IsCham led a delegation of Israeli auto-tech companies to prestigious car conferences in China in 2019, in Beijing and DeQing cities.

At each conference, an Israeli session was held in which Israeli companies presented their technology. The pitches were followed by B2B meetings organized in advance by IsCham, and assisted by its local Chinese partners – IEEV China and China EV100.

In the city of Deqing, designed to become a large experimental area for autonomous vehicles, the conference was held in cooperation with the local government. The road show concluded with a productive visit to GEELY(the automotive giant), where meetings were also held between Chinese and Israeli officials to create additional significant business opportunities.

The Automotive industry in China is the world’s largest and the possibilities for implementing innovation are endless. Chinese giant companies operating in this field recognize Israeli innovation and have expressed great interest in different types of cooperation models.

To learn more about the Israeli auto-tech companies, please contact:

  • 董女士 (Jingyi) 代女士 (Dale)
  • +86-152 2043 0809 +86-135 0836 5770
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