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How to Operate in the days of Corona

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Despite the ongoing outbreak of the Coronavirus, IsCham and Via Meshi members and friends gathered in Tel Aviv, to show support, share information and ideas on how to continue the work with China, both during and after the end of the crisis.

虽然中国正面临疫情危机,中国以色列商会会员、合作伙伴Via Meshi以及各行各业的朋友们聚集于特拉维夫,所有在场嘉宾和观众就疫情爆发结束之际如何与中国开展交流合作畅所欲言,分享最新信息和观点。  

Focusing on the social and technological changes caused by the virus outbreak, IsCham GM, Ariel Briskin shared how the corona changed the way people socialize in China at work places and in public gatherings. "Physical contact and eating from the same dishes are much less common now and the authorities are encouraging citizens to reduce social gatherings to minimum.” Ariel also mentioned how the crisis boosted technological developments and improved implementation of existing technologies, such as online healthcare, education technologies and a rethinking of the food industry and livestock farming in particular, which can pose environmental and health risks to humans.


Relating to opportunities created in the Chinese marketas a result of the crisis, Niv Schwartz, Founder of Xinergy Global, shared insights from his work with Israeli companies, how “ big companies are more affected by the crisis, whereas small scale companies who are considered "underdogs" in the Chinese market competition, can exploit this opportunity to build and execute cost effective market penetration strategies, due to the slowdown of the market.”

关于因危机而在中国市场创造的机会,Xinergy Global的创始人Niv Schwartz先生分享了他与以色列公司的工作见解,“在中国市场竞争中,为什么说大公司受危机的影响更大,而小公司被视为‘劣势者’。由于市场增长放缓,企业可以利用这一机会来制定和执行具有成本效益的市场渗透策略。”

A few other IsCham members who also shared their experience of the recent developments included Ofra Gordon, Director of Sheba International, Hadas Eliyahu BD Manager at PTL Group, Bora Shnitman VP Client Strategy at Dragon Trail, Chalom Schirman, Head of International MBA at Haifa Uni, and more.

商会一些成员也分享了其企业近况和发展经验,包括Sheba International总监Ofra Gordon,PTL Group的业务拓展经理Hadas Eliyahu,Dragon Trail客户策略副总裁Bora Shnitman,海法大学国际MBA主管Chalom Schirman等。

All attendees shared the same views, on the importance of continuing business promotion between Israel and China, using this time of crisis to increase and improve our communications with our Chinese partners, in order to empower each other and facilitate better business collaboration in the future.


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