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Innovative Skills Seminar: Enhance Your Organization with Israeli Knowhow

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Event Purpose: Enhance Your Organization skills with Israeli Knowhow

Join us for a day of workshops introducing unique organisational tools and skills designed to promote innovation, agility and business success. During the day you will hear from our Israeli experts about their experience, and get an opportunity to learn and practice their unique methodologies, allowing you to grow and bring learnings back to your organization.

This event is also an opportunity to meet with Israeli start up entrepreneurs, learn about their technology and how the knowhow comes into practice

Target audience: Chinese’ corporate managers and investors.

For more information(Speakers’ bios, tickets):

Speakers’ PPTs:
Tamar Chelouche Turn Your Organization Culture into a Culture of Innovation
Amir Gal Or
Michael Tsur Negotiating in a Challenging Reality: Rules of Engagement
Gal Dymant Investment in Israel with Asia Direct_20180205V3

Event Review: 20181107 Event Review

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