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Are there any more or less complex ways to enter the Chinese market?

Is breaking through language barriers the only way to crack the Chinese code or are there other ways?

What do companies need to consider before entering the Chinese market?

On December 22nd we gathered at TechCode incubator for interesting and educative lectures on China’s business registration process and IP protection’s current state.

Kyle Freeman presented the different types of foreign invested enterprises, their pros and cons, taxes issues, Chinese government incentives for tech and Startup companies and more insightful information.

Ziv Rotenberg, an Israeli lawyer with 15 years experience in the Chinese market, shared with the audience common mistakes and failures in dealing with IP in China. His insights were both interesting and practical.

Intellectual property right holders should understand how to protect their IP under Chinese law before entering the Chinese market.

If you missed the event, don’t miss the chance to get the speakers’ keynotes and event pohtos. Copy the Baidu Cloud link to download the PPTs:


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