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Review | Raising the Next Generation of Innovators

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The book launch of Raising the Next Generation of Innovators was held over the weekend in two exciting events co-held by IsCham in Beijing and Shanghai.

The CEO of LeapLearner and the co-author of the book, Mr. Ami Dror, shared selected secrets to innovation in education.

Ami believes that a very special aspect of Jewish education is to encourage children’s “questioning” spirit. Compared with the mode of “Assigning Task – Completing Task – Praising” in Chinese education, Jewish parents often tend to put more emphasis on cultivating the ability to think independently and be more “chutzpah”. That, often, becomes the source of inspiration for children’s innovation.

Additional participants in the event included co-author Dr. Huang Zhaodan, CEO of Uni Ed, Roni Abramson of the Israeli Embassy in Beijing, Ariel Braverman, Deputy Consul General at the Israeli Consulate in Shanghai, and Dr. Harvey Dzodin, columnist in China Daily.


作为中国以色列商会赞助商,同时也是本书作者之一的立乐教育科技公司CEO阿米先生(Ami Dror)与大家分享了创新教育的秘密。


活动同时还邀请到了优你教育创始人黄兆旦博士(本书作者之一)、以色列驻华使馆参赞安若宁女士、以色列驻上海领事馆副总领事贝勇先生以及中国日报专栏作者Harvey Dzodin博士。

北京场图片:(Beijing Session)

上海场图片:(Shanghai Session)

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