• IsCham 2020 Visualization


    2020 was a life changing year.



    Millions of lives were lost in the pandemic, and many people's progress on long-planned business and career goals were paused. Meanwhile, years of technology advancements seemed to happen in mere months - and now vaccinations are rolling out at a record speed.



    We at IsCham (The Israeli Chamber of Commerce in China) tried to identify new business opportunities for our members during this challenging year by various activities that would bring value to our members



    This year we held 18 IsCham events, participated in over 10 partners' conferences, including 12 IsCham's companies' roadshows for investors and partners in different sectors: Healthcare, Mobility, Agriculture, E-Commerce, Environmental Protection, and more.



    We held knowledge sharing seminars in which both Israeli and Chinese companies learnt of the regulations, policies, and trends of the counterpart's market.



    We handled requests from more than a hundred of members, including promotion and business connections with both government and industrial leaders - successfully held, despite being virtual.



    In the difficult time, our team was always here to support your needs and push your business forward in China, when it was most challenging.



    We hope to continue doing so in the upcoming years, and welcome 2021 with an open heart!



    Below , we round up some of the biggest activities we held this year with visualizations.



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