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China Medical Equipment Registration Dashboard


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IsCham is excited to introduce the China Medical Equipment Registration Dashboard – a great online resource created by our member, online intelligence company Boldor Webint.

商会很荣幸介绍,由竞争情报公司同时也是商会会员Boldor Webint推出的中国医疗器械注册信息数据库

The dashboard is TOTALLY FREE and can be used to check whether your masks are produced by a nationally recognized producer of medical gear. The data is being updated daily and is accessible both in Chinese and English. There are thousands of records, covering diagnosis kits, ventilators, masks, gowns, and thermometers.


The dashboard was created to meet the growing demand for validating sources of medical gear made in China, said Founder Ran Boldor. “Scammers are a problem of consumers worldwide. The Chinese authorities are aware of the problem and have been making swift regulatory changes to prevent it”.

创始人Ran Boldor表示,该数据库的创建是为了满足对验证中国制造的医疗器械来源不断增长的需求。 “商业欺诈是国内外消费者都面临的问题。中国政府密切关注这一问题,并一直致力于避免此类情况发生。”

The dashboard makes accessible registration lists published by the National Medical Product Administration (NMPA), which contain products approved by national or provincial authorities. “The dashboard can be used for a preliminary assessment of a producer’s credibility”, says Ran Boldor. “There are many more resources available in the Chinese web that may advance any due-diligence efforts, but this is the first check to conduct – a producer who is absent from the lists should be considered a riskier lead”.


IsCham took on the challenge and tried the new dashboard to check the 10,000 masks donated to Israel by Itzik XI and China Radio International employees in March. We were reassured to see that both the producer & mask are registered!

商会率先使用该数据库查询了由中国国际广播电台的Itzik Xi在今年3月捐赠给以色列的1万只口罩,检测结果显示该产品本身及其生产商都是合法注册企业。

We welcome consumers and importers to try the dashboard yourselves:


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