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IsCham brings you a brief summary of both we and our members’ upcoming events in different fields! You are welcome to contact us if your company belongs to one of the following sectors or if you want your sector to be presented in our next events.


SEMICON China 2020

June 27th - 29th, Shanghai


IsCham sponsor, UPPRO-KVL, will be presenting at SEMICON China 2020, Shanghai International Expo Center.

UPPRO- KVL is an expert in providing supply chain services to various industries. In this challenging time, UPPRO- KVL offers flexible logistics services and can help businesses to cope with an unstable environment. You can visit them at booth E3601-1 at SEMICON China to learn more about their services. For more information contact: UPPRO APAC Managing Director, Sharon Agam, WeChat: sharonagam, Phone: +86-13148132721

商会赞助商大连精典优普电子工程有限公司(UPPRO-KVL)将在SEMICON China 2020上海国际博览中心展示。UPPRO- KVL是为各个行业提供供应链服务的专家。 疫情期间,UPPRO- KVL提供灵活的物流服务,帮助企业应对复杂的物流环境。欢迎光顾SEMICON China的E3601-1展位,了解UPPRO-KVL的更多信息。 欢迎联系:UPPRO亚太地区董事总经理 Sharon Agam,微信:sharonagam,电话:+ 86-13148132721

About the SEMICON China 2020

Semicon China 2020 is International Conference and Exposition for Semiconductor Equipment, Materials, Photovoltaic, MEMS and Related Microelectronic Industries and Services.

Semicon China 2020是半导体设备、材料、光伏,MEMS和相关微电子产业与服务的国际会议和展览会。

ICSI Israel’s Largest Virtual Conference

June 28th Online

6月28日, 线上会议

ICSI will include 3 hours of lectures from over 20 well known leaders in the industry. 2,000 investors and entrepreneurs will attend this event. This is a unique opportunity to network and learn from experienced individuals. For more information and registration contact our partner in Israel, ViaMeshi Association, GM-

ICSI将邀请超过20位行业专家进行3小时的线上讲座。2000名投资者和企业家将出席本次活动。这是一个与有经验的人交流和学习的独特机会。欲了解更多信息并注册参与,欢迎联系商会在以色列的合作伙伴ViaMeshi Association,

TCT Asia

July 8th - 10th, Shanghai


TCT Asia is one of the leading 3D technology exhibition in Asia. The exhibition will take place at Shanghai's new International Expo Center. IsCham’s sponsor Stratasys will take part in the expo. For more information please contact:


Automotive HIMI & AI Cockpit World Congress China 2020


July 16th - 17th, Shanghai


IsCham Shanghai Manager, Iris Kastoriano will attend this event as a speaker, Automotive related members are welcome to contact Iris for more information and representation at the event:

商会上海经理Iris Kastoriano将作为发言人出席本次活动,驾驶技术相关的会员,欢迎联系我们了解更多信息,并由商会在活动中代表发言

Automotive and Smart Cities Webinar


August, Online


This online event, organized by our partner in Israel, ViaMeshi Association, will introduce Israeli mobility companies to their Chinese counterpart in order to discuss potential business opportunities. For more information contact:

本次线上活动将由商会在以色列的合作伙伴ViaMeshi Association主办,向中国汽车行业介绍以色列驾驶技术和未来出行企业,探讨潜在商业机会。详细信息,请联系

Medical Roadshow


August, Online


An online pitch session of Israeli medical companies in front of Chinese potential partners and investors, for more information, please contact IsCham Shanghai Manager Iris Kastoriano:


Environmental Protection Webinar


September, Online


During this event IsCham will cooperate with local government entities to introduce Sino-Israeli business opportunities in the fields of Green-Tech and environmental protection. Related companies are welcome to contact IsCham GM: Ariel Briskin:


China - Israel Business Summit




Stay tuned for more information coming soon!


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