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Independence Day in Shangha


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Members of the Israeli and Jewish community in Shanghai gathered together on Sunday, May 12th, to celebrate Israel’s 71st Independence Day on the rooftop of the China – Israel Innovation Hub in Hongkou.

Organized by IsCham with sponsorship and support from TianAn, PTL, the Israeli Consulate in Shanghai, Meditteranean Bakery, VegaNurit, Sesame and Inbal’s Hummus – participants enjoyed an afternoon celebration of Israeli culture, cuisine and, most importantly, community.

5月12日,以色列独立日活动在上海市虹口区中以创新中心举行。本次活动由中国以色列商会、天安数码城、PTL、以色列驻上海领事馆、地中海面包坊、Vega Nurit、爱芝、和Inbal’s Hummus共同举办。活动中,大家享受美食,收获喜悦,相互了解,共同庆祝以色列建国71周年。

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