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Event Review | "Experts Talk China" Seminar

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On May 15th, IsCham held a special seminar on “Deciphering the Chinese Business Mind” in Tel Aviv.

More than 40 Israeli CEOs and managers came to learn modern lessons about the Chinese market from experienced professionals, presenting various topics relevant to current business practices in the country.

Many foreign companies face challenges in China, including significant competition and difficulties in adapting to the local market. Arie Schreier, PTL group General Manager, addressed those issues as well, managing workers in China in the financial field and the feasibility of opening a business in China nowadays.

Amir Galor, Innonation & Infinity Founder and Chairman, presented case studies of failures in China and optimal responses to corresponding challenges. According to him, most of the American start-ups so far have not succeeded in the Chinese market, international companies often barely make profits in China, and success may only arrive after five to ten years of doing business – but the potential is still great.

“How can you succeed in China despite the cultural and business difficulties?”-this question was answered by Tslil Kleiman, IsCham Israel Manager, who emphasized the importance of ‘’Building a strong connection with a local and experienced business community in China, in order to reduce the amount of possible errors for your company.”

Lior Varona, Silk Road founder & CEO, spoke about the topic of public relations in China while Shlomi Mahfouda, Up2China founder, presented the digital marketing field, setting up websites and online trading in China.

Three leading lawyers with significant experience in the Chinese market also shared their insights. Zachi Lichtblau, Bonnard Lawson Partner & Lawyer, presented the topic of Sino- Foreign JVs and explained what makes them special as legal entities. While Ziv Rotenberg, Gortnitzky & Co Partner & Lawyer, shared the current situation of IP in China and its pivotal role as a company’s strategic asset. In addition, Tehila Levi Lati, ZAG S&W Partner & lawyer, spoke about recent trends and laws in China and how to approach them from a foreign perspective.

If you missed the seminar and want to learn more, you may find the speakers’ PPTs at HERE.

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