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Israeli Tech Industry Keeps Breaking Records in 2019


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IsCham is summarizing for you, the main facts of the Israeli Tech Industry over the last year, as well as the last decade.


| Significant Increase on Exits |

Technology exits totaled $9.9 billion in 2019, double the amount of 2018, and 33% more than in 2017. The Israeli technology industry posted 587 exits over the past decade - companies that were sold or held stock exchange offerings - with a total of $71 billion. If follow-on deals, companies acquired more than once or acquired after holding an offering, are taken into account, the amount rises to $108 billion. It is important to be reminded that this is happening in a country with a population of just over 8 million people, which is the size of 2 districts in Beijing. So when we measure these achievements per capita, the successes of Israeli tech companies are clear.

| 退出交易额显著增长 |



| 20 Unicorns |

Until now, Israel was considered as a country that only knew how to invent new technologies and ideas, what is given the term ‘0-1’. However in recent years, we see many Israeli companies who have scaled up by themselves to become massive unicorns. A unicorn is a sign of a tech eco-system's maturity because a decade ago every Israeli startup dreamed of an exit - being acquired by a tech giant or a Wall Street IPO. But now the dream has changed into scaling-up to a growth company worth $1 billion. 2019 was without doubt a year in which Israel's tech sector came of age. The best evidence of this is that nine new unicorns were created during the year bringing the total number of unicorns in the country to 20. Impressively Israel's 20 unicorns are more unicorns than France, Germany and Australia have combined. Only the US, China and UK have more unicorns than Israel.   

| 科技独角兽达20家 |


| Great Rise on Late-Stage Funding |

Another strong indicator of the strength of the Israeli tech sector is an increase of investments in later stage of funding. This jumped from $3.45 billion in 2018 to $5.24 billion sofar in 2019. This shows a significant increase after somewhat stagnating during the prior three years. This has had a huge effect on total fundraising, but most importantly, it has allowed a large number of Israeli tech companies to keep growing without needing to be acquired or raise money on the public markets. There have been 15 mega rounds (of $100 million or greater) in 2019 so far, compared to only four in 2018. 

The largest financing rounds of 2019:

  • Lemonade ($300 million, D round)

  • NextInsurance ($250 million, C round)

  • Cybereason ($200 million, E round)

| 后轮融资增加 |



  • Lemonade斩获3亿美元D轮融资

  • Next Insurance获2.5亿美元C轮融资

  • Cybereason E轮融资2亿美元

| Significant Growth of Exports |

In the past decade, Israeli exports grew by 68%. Technology and tech services become the main export of Israeli companies to the world. According to forecasts of the economic department at the Ministry of Economics and Industry, at the end of 2019 the Israeli exports will be at 114 billion USD. This again is a significant increase compared to the end of 2009, when total exports amounted to 67.7 billion dollars.   

| 出口额提高 |


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