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Event Review | Approaching Israel and China Challenges

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“Approaching Israel and China Challenges-Open Discussion” activity was jointly held by IsCham and its members, SoftYoung, Shanghai Federation of Industry and Commerce Information Technology Chamber, etc, on the afternoon of July 12th, 2019.

Ariel Briskin, the GM of IsCham, introduced the general situations of Israel, which greatly deepened Chinese’ understanding of Israel. Tony Jin from SoftYoung shared his considerations and analysis of business cooperation models between China and Israel with the topic of “the Future of China-Israel: How to Move From ‘Falling in Love’ to ‘Marriage’”. Amber Yu from HCH introduced the Israel innovation collaboration and the situation of Haier incubator, deepening the Chinese’ understanding of HCH’s profession and its vision in Israel. Anton Olshvang from Lilith Games discussed about the differences and challenges between Israeli and Chinese enterprises.

During the round-table meeting, Tony Jin discussed and answered questions about “China-Israel Innovation Cooperation Modes”. Attendees have high expectation in China-Israel cooperation, but the potential collaboration still needs to be improved in aspects of cultural gaps, communication, mechanism coordination and specific demands. Meanwhile, representatives vigorously shared their opinions about the challenges of China-Israel cooperation. Sponsors and members of the IsCham also participated in the event, including Sino-Israel Cooperation (Yuhang) Industrial Park, Gauzy, PTL Group, AhCare,Shanghai Gaojie Intelligent Technology Co.,etc.



在最后的圆桌论坛环节,金晓伟先生和与会嘉宾就“中以创新合作模式”为主题,进行了热烈的问答和讨论,大家认为中以合作充满了前景,但对于“文化冲突、耐心沟通、机制协调、明确需求”等方面还需加强改善。同时,不少与会代表也积极分享了他们对中以合作的难点和痛点的看法。参与活动的还包括中国以色列商会赞助商和会员企业:中以(余杭)产业合作园, Gauzy, PTL Group, AhCare, 上海高颉智能科技有限公司等。

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