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IsCham nominates our Honorary President - Mr. Amir Gal-Or


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IsCham is delighted to announce that Mr. Amir Gal-Or has been nominated to be IsCham’s Honorary President!

中国以色列商会荣幸地任命高哲铭先生(Mr. Amir Gal-Or)为中国以色列商会荣誉主席。

As the Honorary President of IsCham and the founder of Infinity Group, Amir has more than 20 years of life and work experience in China. In September 2017, Amir won the 2017 China Government Friendship Award, which is the highest honor awarded by the Chinese government to foreign experts working in China. In February 2019, he won the Israel Jerusalem award, which was awarded by the Minister of finance of Israel.


About Infinity Group:

Infinity group has a strong resource network. It has offices in Israel and 23 funds in different Chinese cities. Each fund adopts the "collaborative investment" mode to strictly control risks and share profits.



Infinity Group entered China in 1993 and was one of the first Israeli investment funds in Israel investing in 100+ companies of which 30 have exited and 10 have been successfully listed. Infinity Group has achieved multiple “firsts” in China:


• First ever RMB fund “00001” named – Infinity CSVC;

中国第一支非法人制中外合作创投基金-00001号的Infinity CSVC;

• Inventing the concept of network of local city funds;


• First China eco-system with Israel genes;


• First IPO of an incubator of IP Bank;

中国第一家QFLP资格持有者;首创中以智库(IP Bank)概念;

• The top 50 foreign PE/VC in China for many years.


IsCham steering committee, management and all of our members are blessing and anticipating for a great and fruitful cooperation of 2020, the Year of Rat!

中国以色列商会指导委员会、管理团队、以及全体会员将共同期待 2020 鼠年合作无间,共创双赢!

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